TINA B – 2008

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The third edition of TINA B. – The Prague Contemporary Art Festival, organised by Prague’s Galerie Vernon, aims yet again to combine the creative energy of the cultural scene in Central and Eastern Europe with emerging talents and trends from around the world in the Czech Republic’s vibrant capital. Adopting the leitmotif FORMS OF ENG AGEMEN T , TIN A B. 2008 will focus on the relationships between art and society , exploring the role of contemporary art, artists and artistic practice as socio-cultural agents that not only provide a critique of social order, but also serve a direct, positive and symbiotic social function on both a local and global level.

Curators: Micaela Giovannotti, Rosanna Musumeci, Yukiko Ito, Blanca de la Torre García, Viktor Misiano, Marek Tomin, the Greyzone Collective.



This section curated by Rosanna Musumeci brings together artists mostly from Italy whose works are concerned with one of the essential elements of both art and life – light. “Light is the medium to see – to conceive – the form of any object. Objects, however, are perceived by subjects and that makes the whole difference,” writes the curator. The section includes sound and video projections, as well as digital, video and mixed media installations exploring artistic and scientific, objective and subjective, methods, approaches and strategies tackling the ways in which light enables us to see and alters our perceptions. The section includes Italian artists Carlo Bernardini, Flavia Bigi, Fiodor Bonaviri, Carmen Cardillo, Tiziana Contino, Emanuele Costanzo, Giuliana Cuneaz, Alberto Finocchiaro, Semira Forte, Claudia Gambadoro, Loredana Longo, Valentina Medda, Flaviano Poggi, Gianfranco Pulitano, Paola Ricci, Martina della Valle, as well as Saverio Todaro (Switzerland), Zevs (France), Florian Grond (Austria) and Teun Hocks (Netherlands).